Stuck projects

Innovative software development projects; large transformation programmes involving systems and organisation change; or implementation of new infrastructure … IT projects of all kinds can get stuck.

Perhaps stuck before they’ve even started or stuck in a never-ending spiral … spending thousands, getting no-where. Stuck projects can squander time and money and can have a material impact on the health of a company. These are typical of the problems CEOs describe to us when we first meet!

IT projects are a major challenge

Large IT projects are typically ones that address a strategic opportunity, have a significant price tag, and will have a major negative impact if they go wrong. Whereas most of our clients do this only rarely, our Principals run projects like this for a living.

A clear vision and plan

The first step is to shape the project, get the objectives clear and establish the basic priorities, phases and approach. Our people are able to act with confidence, competence and authority and speak in a language that makes sense to the Board – so can quickly form a consensus and shared vision and agree a plan of action to get going.

Genuine independence from suppliers and technologies

Where there are technologies and suppliers to select, we have the best “black book” in the business so we are able to introduce suppliers that we know and trust. But we are entirely independent and have no commercial arrangements or commitments to any specific solutions.

So our Principal will negotiate hard for his client whilst being fair to suppliers because he knows what a good, long-term deal and partnership looks like!

Bespoke software experts

If bespoke software is involved then we provide a Principal who has detailed understanding of software architecture, technology and approaches and who talk the same language as developers, which can be a real challenge!

Complete ownership of an entire programme of work

Our Principals can also address all the non-technical aspects of the project, including process, organisation, data migration, training and any other kinds of changes. These can be more tricky than the technical part of the programme and our Principals have the business-focus and understanding of how organisations and people actually work in order to pull the business together to get behind a new project.

Our Principals run everything from relatively small, but critical projects up to very large programmes encompassing organisational redesigns, office moves and end-to-end system replacements.

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