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Security and standards

We live in an increasingly complex environment where contractual and regulatory compliance is a major issue, and your customers may expect you to be available 24/7. IT is at the heart of how your business operates and cyber threats are ever-present and increasingly sophisticated. Every week we meet companies who have fallen prey to hackers and, in some cases, suffered serious business losses as a result.

We Understand These Issues in Detail

Our Principals deal with these issues as a core part of their job. They help you understand the realities and options, they protect your business and let you sleep soundly at night.

For example, many of our clients’ business activities mean they fall under the requirements of DPA or PCI regulations. Our Principals understand what these things mean in practice and can take all the necessary technical steps but can also organise audits, process changes, training, and create policies and other paperwork. Our people are not just consultants who “spout the textbook”, they understand real business and what is practical and what is not and they understand what is reasonably expected of your business. If necessary they can get experts in to help or to look at specific issues.

Cyber Security

With cyber security we are again able to assess the situation and the realities of what can and should be done. And help you to understand malware and hacking risks and how to mitigate them. This is partly about technology and policies but is also about behaviours and education in areas like social engineering and phishing.

Again, where necessary we can organise for third parties to do detailed security reviews, penetration tests or for specialist security advice, for example with cyber insurance and crime insurance.

Review of IT Risk and Issues

More generally, often clients ask us to start with a review of their general IT risks and issues, for example looking at whether their backups are adequate and whether they have single points of failure that could bring their business to a standstill. We are also often heavily involved in business continuity planning for dealing with disaster events like floods and fires. Our approach is practical and real-world and we create simple and flexible plans that are appropriate to the business, the risks and the potential impacts.

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IT Risks, Compliance and Security

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