IT Supplier Selection and Management

Selection of IT suppliers and their products can be a minefield. Typically they are difficult to assess, over-promising and under-performing is rife, and you’ll often be stuck with decisions for some years to come.

We meet many companies whose business is suffering as a result of their decisions, or who are delaying their progress due to fear of getting it wrong!

We’re Completely Independent

We are completely independent of any solutions or suppliers, but we have the best “black book” in the business. That means that for pretty much any need, we are able to introduce suppliers who have performed well in our experience. However, for any serious decision our Principal would run a tender process for you with defined decision criteria.

Serious Decisions Need a Proper Selection Process

Our Principals are well used to running these kinds of selection processes and negotiating prices and contracts. This may involve an initial phase of introducing some potential solutions to you so that all the stakeholders in the business can begin to get a feel for the “art of the possible” before establishing the actual tender process. For bigger decisions our Principal will also drill into details of the supplier’s capabilities and get references and take other steps as necessary. We would then be able to negotiate pricing and service levels, as well as overseeing the contracting process. For larger deals with complex contracts we can introduce appropriate legal advisors as well.

Overseeing Suppliers

Once IT suppliers and products have been selected, overseeing them can be complex and time-consuming. If multiple suppliers are involved then whenever there’s a problem you can guarantee it will be “the other guy” who’s at fault. Understanding what’s really going on so that the real culprit can be identified, ensuring that the necessary action is taken, and then driving through improvements can be very challenging.

Striking Genuinely Good Deals

Our Principals make sure to get the right deal for our clients, and make sure to hold suppliers to account, but they also understand that good supplier relationships are likely to last for years and need to be based on delivering promises, maintaining mutual respect, and creating commercial deals that works for everyone.

We have also written a CEO’s Briefing document which is a more detailed explanation of this issue. Click the button to download this popular document on how to get IT supplier selection and management right.

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