Systems & digital roadmap for growth

Businesses experiencing or planning significant growth need IT to match. Our Principals will provide clear leadership and create a business-focussed roadmap for IT and digital which is appropriate to drive and support this growth, without getting way ahead, or falling behind!

A roadmap avoids the feeling of chaos

Growing businesses need a roadmap for their IT infrastructure, line of business systems and digital plans. Increasingly businesses are investing in apps, online initiatives and artificial intelligence. But the absence of a roadmap means IT feels ad-hoc, unplanned and chaotic. When IT initiatives aren’t planned and budgeted as part of a bigger picture they don’t get support from the Board. Time and money might be wasted on disconnected ideas that don’t align with the direction of the business. Or there can just be paralysis … nothing happens!

Translate business strategy to IT strategy

Our Principals have the experience, authority and confidence to understand the technology, business and people issues. They create an IT strategy and roadmap which translates the business strategy into a series of IT improvements over the long-term. So now the Board understand where IT is headed and what’s going to be involved in the journey.

“Our Principals have the experience, authority and confidence to understand the IT, business and people issues…”

A Comprehensive Vision, Delivered

The roadmaps covers all aspects of IT including infrastructure, line of business systems and digital. These may be simple improvements to supporting technology or might be large bespoke software projects or complete replacement of back-office business systems.

All aspects of the roadmap need to recognise process, organisational and people issues as well as just technology. Often clients rely on our Principal to restructure and clarify how they work internally to realise savings or to enable growth and improvements to customer service.

A traditional project like a new ERP system is very different to creating a mobile app to engage with your customers, or investing in innovations like software robots or machine learning. But a clear and understood roadmap always ensures the Board get the vision and there is consensus that feeds into budgets and plans across the business. Of course our Principal then “owns” the roadmap and its budget and ensure that all aspects are properly managed through to completion just like any other member of the senior team. Roadmaps are the start of the story, but delivering them and being accountable for the outcomes are where our Principals make a real difference.

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