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IT optimised for mergers, acquisitions or exit

Corporate transactions can make complex demands that require experienced and credible people from all business disciplines including tech. Our Principals are frequently involved in corporate transactions and due diligence so IT and digital plans are de-risked. We help helps buyers avoid disaster, and help sellers maximise value.

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Guide to Strategic IT for M&A or Exit

Getting the IT right for M&A or exit is important. Download this guide to make sure you're well prepared.


“Real World” Buy-side and Sell-side Assessments

We are frequently involved in transactions based on significant growth plans because they require a credible roadmap for all business disciplines including IT. IT projects that overrun can have a material impact on business performance so our Principals are often involved in pre-deal planning to provide assurance that targets, cost and timescale estimates are realistic. We often undertake due diligence projects for both buyers and sellers and, unlike consultants operating in this field, our assessments and recommendations are based on our real-world experience. And we are accountable for our work – we are normally asked to remain with the business to oversee implementation of our recommendations.

“Unlike consultants, our assessments and recommendations are based on our real-world experience rather than text-books…”

Preparing Businesses for Medium or Long-term Exit

Many of our clients first contact us to create an IT environment for them that will drive their growth, but also to bring their IT to order in readiness for exit in the medium or long-term. Because of our long history with buy-side due diligence our Principals can drive their plans with an eye on the checklist that a potential buyer will have in the years to come.

This encompasses a wide range of issues like ownership of IP in bespoke software or avoiding lock-in or liabilities with suppliers or staff so that a new owner can switch if they wish. It might also cover regulatory compliance issues like data privacy (GDPR) or payment cards regulations (PCI) or ensuring that commitments made to clients on areas like confidentiality are being adequately handled.

Long-term preparation for due diligence might be based on creating a digital strategy and entire new software product development to allow you to reposition your business closer to tech valuations. Investments in machine learning, robotic software, data analytics and bots for customer service can demonstrate that your business can scale to new levels in the future.

Or your preparation may simply be a case of ensuring that your IT is demonstrably fit for purpose and secure so that a potential buyer doesn’t run for the hills!

Of course, in addition, we are well connected with corporate finance advisors and many of the other areas of expertise needed to make transactions happen successfully.