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What we do

IT for competitive advantage

In many cases, IT has more than just a supporting part in the business strategy, it may have a lead role in separating you from your competitors so you’re not just another provider. For example, digital initiatives based on bots and machine learning create special experiences for your customers. Investment in AI using robotic software automation and bespoke software implementations can create high barriers to your competition.

IT Aligned with your Points of Difference

Many clients approach us because they have an ambition to use IT to separate themselves from their competitors. Sometimes they have an ambitious plan to create new web or mobile channels to market, or to differentiate their service to allow them to avoid head-on price competition. Better online links to customers, or suppliers and partners can create better lock-ins that make it difficult for existing competitors or new entrants.

New Sources of Revenue or Cost Reductions

Some of our clients want to build up a new license revenue based monetising data, IP or other know-how. Often this involves bespoke software, digital and mobile apps. And some clients simply want to outperform their competition from a cost point of view through a programme of automation and streamlining, perhaps using Artificial Intelligence. Whatever the circumstances, Freeman Clarke can provide a senior, experienced, business-minded leader to run your IT. One of our Principals can talk sensibly with you about ideas, options, costs and what’s do-able and what isn’t.

“Your Principal can talk sensibly with you about ideas, options, costs and what’s do-able and what isn’t.”

An Honest and Long-Term Point of View

We’re in it for the long-term so our Principal can join your senior team to work these ideas through and then bring on internal staff and external suppliers as necessary to deliver the vision. We’re honest, realistic and “tell it how it is”.

We’re in it for the long-term so our aim is to deliver the business vision rather than just a deck of powerpoint slides! And we’re completely independent so we give you the best advice rather than getting any kick-backs from suppliers. But we have the best “black book” in the business and we’re happy to introduce other organisations that we rate and trust.

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