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What we do

IT roadmap for growth

Businesses experiencing or planning significant growth need IT to match.

IT enabled market differentiation

In many cases, IT has more than just a supporting part in the business strategy, it may have a lead role in separating you from your competitors so you’re not just another provider.

IT optimised for mergers, acquisitions or exit

Corporate transactions can make complex demands that require experienced and credible people from all business disciplines.

Risk and compliance management

Some clients approach us because IT is keeping them awake at night with worry.

Stuck Projects

IT projects that get stuck before they’ve even started, or projects that get stuck in 5th gear, spending thousands every month and getting no-where.

IT Integration Challenges

Systems and technologies that don’t talk to each other turn a simple business into a complicated business with everyone just struggling to keep up.

IT Team Gaps and Weaknesses

We meet many companies frustrated by their internal IT teams. They may appear to talk a different language.

IT Strategy and Vision

Companies often approach us because their IT seems aimless. It’s unclear how it relates to their business strategy and how it helps meet their business objectives.

Management Information Problems

Companies often want to talk to us because they have problems and frustrations with management information.

Bespoke Software Problems

Bespoke software projects are the graveyards of many business plans! We meet many businesses who have become embroiled in costly and complex software development projects.

IT Supplier Selection and Management

Selection of IT suppliers and their products can be a minefield. Typically they are difficult to assess.

Risks and compliance

We live in an increasingly complex environment where contractual and regulatory compliance is a major issue and your business is expected to meet your customer needs 24/7 100% of the time.

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