Keynote Speaker: David Pepper – Scale Up Leadership Skills – The 7 Key Skills of a Business Leader

If you are serious about scaling up your business, are you as serious about developing the leadership skills that will help you grow your business?

From working with thousands on CEO’s and Business Leaders, Vistage has developed a pragmatic model that defines the top 7 Key Skills of a Business Leader. In this session Dave will use this model to assess your Business Leadership Skills and help you make some practical decisions on how you might improve yourself, the business and your team.

Dave is a successful Vistage chair and has enjoyed a career dominated by growth. He has led successful leadership teams in large multi-national companies (Rank Xerox, BT, Cap Gemini and Cisco). And also been a leader in smaller mid-sized organisations (Keane, SE Technologies) and an owner of start-ups culminating in a sale (Icoda and MPA).

Helping people to be the best they can be is at the heart of what Dave has been doing for the last 35 years, with his favourite word in the English dictionary being “stretch”.

Scale Up Phenomenon

Together with our Liberti Group partners we will share our unique model for rapidly scaling your business, which includes:

  • How to grow every area of your business simultaneously, not just ramp up your sales (which will cause other areas of your business to fall over)
  • How to identify – systematically – which areas of your business need fixing before you start your Scale Up process
  • How to build a robust business plan to avoid brick walls and ‘feast and famine’ mentality and grow consistently year after year, without the associated stress
  • How to reconnect with the reason you first started your business and delegate everything other than the work you choose to do!
  • How to get Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR and Legal all working in unison so that your business grows as a cohesive unit, not as disconnected silos
  • How to hire the top Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR and Legal Directors in the country with no recruitment fee, no commitment, no risk and for less than the cost of a junior member of staff (the rise of the remarkable ‘part-time director’ model)

In addition, you can join three of the following expert clinics offering business owners real value:

  • The Magic Numbers – Small Changes, Large Impact
  • Driving 2-3x improved performance within your current sales team
  • Marketing ROI – Asking And Getting The Right Outcomes From Your Marketing
  • Making your organisation a destination for talent
  • Your IT Roadmap: Stop Fighting Fires and Start Building Your Business

It is free of charge and includes morning refreshments and lunch.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is aimed at business leaders, CEO’s and owners of ambitious SME and mid-market businesses that are ready to scale.  Spaces are limited to one place per company.  If this sounds like you please register your interest at the address below.

Enquire about this event

For more information and to apply to attend, please contact [email protected]