Free Webinar | Starting the Digital Transformation Journey

What Every CEO Should Know


Ambitious business owners and CEO’s are leveraging digital transformation to redefine customer experience, streamline operations, transform markets and increase business value.

So what exactly is digital transformation? Digital transformation simply means using IT to deliver dramatic improvement. It means using IT to make a significant change for the better.

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Join us for the first webinar in our Digital Transformation Series to learn how to get started on your digital transformation journey. Demystify the jargon, understand the art of the possible from real world examples and take away practical advice and action plans to begin shaping your digital strategy.

Insights include:

  • The 4 types of Digital Transformation
  • The 4 key questions your board should be asking themselves before they start the journey
  • 10 ideas to kickstart your digitalisation journey
  • An introduction to the technologies that enable digital transformation
  • Methods to accelerate digital transformation to deliver rapid ROI
  • How a mix of digital technologies can join up people, processes and systems to speed-up time to market.
  • Real-world case studies and anecdotes from cross-vertical customers.

Both Freeman Clarke and AuraQ have delivered hundreds of automation projects enabling customers to get more from their current systems, deliver better ways of engaging with customers and transform the business journey.

Running time:

Thursday 10th September 2020, 10am


Christine Parker Stubbs – Freeman Clarke

Regional Director – Fractional CIOs and CTOs

Victor Kemeny- Freeman Clarke

Regional Director – Fractional CIOs and CTOs

Iain MacDonald – AuraQ

Sales and Marketing Director

Who should attend?

This event is for CEOs, CFOs, COO and Directors of high-end businesses.




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