How To Price Your Platypus: Using and understanding of customer psychology to maximise prices – with David Abbott

‘How To Price Your Platypus’ is a practical workshop with international pricing speaker and author, David Abbot, that helps you to find ways to increase your price, whether you sell products or services.

Why a platypus? Well, if you had a platypus, what price would you decide to sell it for? You can’t look up other platypus sellers on Google to find a typical price, they don’t exist. So where do you start? Most businesses have a platypus of their own, a pricing challenge that they would love to find a solution for.

Price is one of the most important things for a business to get right, and one of the hardest. It’s too easy to go for a lower price for your product or service to try to get more sales, or to keep launching one discount promotion after another. All you are doing is giving money (and profit!) away.

The workshop starts with a review of some simple tools that can be used to help you decide what your pricing potential is – just how much could you try to increase your prices by? But that’s only half the story. Once you have decided what to charge, how do you communicate those prices successfully? That’s where the psychology comes in.

Each moment we all make multiple decisions about all sorts of things, and those decisions are almost all unconscious. This is true of almost all pricing decisions too, even when selling to a business buyer. By understanding the psychology behind how we make those pricing decisions, you can successfully charge a higher price.

Who should attend?

This is an invitation-only event for ambitious business leaders, CEO’s and owners of SME and mid-market businesses based in and around Sheffield.

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For more information and to apply to attend, please contact [email protected]