What’s the event about

During the day we will hear from the renowned serial entrepreneur and speaker for Vistage, Malcolm Smith.

Malcom is a keynote lecturer on Leadership, Negotiation, Project Management, Consultative Selling and Public Speaking at various top-ranked UK Business Schools. He will be running two high energy sessions for us detailing the journey ‘from good to great while scaling up’ and will talk about the new model of the world economy – where every business has almost instant access to exceptional people, skills and resources if they know where to find them and how to get best leverage from them.

In addition, you can join two of our expert clinics on the following topics:

  • Getting to grips with the numbers: 5 top tips for scale up forecasting and cashflow management
  • Multi-channel marketing: What does it mean for me and how will it help my business?
    Your IT Roadmap – Stop Fighting Fires And Start Building Your Business
  • Hiring Brilliant People To Deliver World Class Performance
  • Driving 2-3x Improved Performance Within Your Current Sales Team

Our experts will share the inside track on how to rapidly Scale Your Business, referencing real examples using techniques proven across thousands of our clients.

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For more information and to apply to attend, please contact [email protected]