Coronavirus vs Business

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Exclusive free webinar Q&A session for CEOs/Leaders of mid-market businesses – focused on your IT, Systems and Digital Capabilities.

Join our panel of experts for this Q&A and discussion lead by your questions.

For many businesses, these are the focus areas:

  • Effective business processes for home workers
  • Increased cyber threat. Are you protected?
  • Effectively managing changes to operations and supply chains
  • Re-prioritising IT projects. Can you free up cash?
  • Identifying new opportunities…
    …How could you reinvent your business?
  • Planning for return to the ‘new normal’…
    …What does this look like?

Our panel of experts:

Graeme Freeman, Co-Founder & Director

Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, Regional Director – Thames Valley

Kev Cooper, CIO/CTO & IT Director

Steve Cairns, CIO/CTO & IT Director

Warwick Hampden-Woodfall, CIO/CTO & IT Director

Alex Hudson, CIO/CTO & IT Director

Hugo Smith, CIO/CTO & IT Director

Who should attend?

This event is for CEOs/Leaders of mid-market businesses.  Maximum 2 attendees per company.

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