J Tomlinson

J Tomlinson is an integrated multi-disciplinary business providing construction, repairs and maintenance, mechanical and electrical services, refurbishment, facilities management and specialist energy efficiency services and advice. The company has a turnover of £80 million and directly employs approximately 400 people.

David Rowling, one of Freeman Clarke’s principals, first met the owners and new CEO, Mark Davis, in 2014. The board had set out a directional strategy for further growth and, in order to support the new plans, it became apparent that a significant investment in new information systems may be required.

Mark explained,

Initially, David did a rapid review of our current technology and made recommendations on new information systems requirements based on the future needs of the business. The review included the identification of business opportunities, assessment of benefits and an envelope of investment costs required.”

David then lead a cross functional team of directors and senior managers through the scoping, specification and selection of new business application software.  The resulted in the selection of IFS who provide integrated business software to manage both the build and maintenance phase of an asset’s life, including buildings and infrastructure.

David is currently directing Project Horizon which will implement the IFS software along with process and organisational change. He is leading a cross functional team that will deliver significant benefits to J Tomlinson and provide a platform for future growth.

The vision for the project is best expressed by Mark,

“Project Horizon will deliver an easy to use IT solution which supports business growth and helps facilitate significant improvement in business processes right across the business. Its functionality will allow us to be agile and flexible, ensuring our services are quickly adapted to customers’ ever changing expectations. “

About David himself, Mark is delighted to say

“David has provided insightful advice and guidance to the J Tomlinson management team and directors.  His knowledge and experience of business change with IT as a key enabler has added value to our project”.