Amberjack is the UK’s market leading specialist in designing and delivering Early Careers and large-scale recruitment programmes for prestigious corporations like PwC, Deloitte and Virgin. For these businesses, assessment and selection of future talent is a critical aspect of their competitive advantage.

Amberjack provide complex and flexible services to meet their clients’ needs, ranging from candidate attraction to screening and selection. Amberjack’s experts deliver a range of tech enabled services utilising their proprietry technology including front end, self-selection and situational judgment tools which sit on their assessment platform LEAP, video interviews through TalentSee, hosted candidate engagement through Amberchat and immersive assessment events utilising iMpact.

IT became an increasingly critical aspect of Amberjack’s complex services. The need to support seamless collaboration both internally and with clients whilst maintaining the highest levels of security and confidentiality was essential.

Cynthia Bostock, Amberjack’s Chief Executive, explained,

“At Amberjack we’re passionate about our clients and the service we deliver. Ensuring our IT strategy and delivery were led by an expert became vitally important but, above all, our values anchor every decision that we take. We recognised that same ethos in Freeman Clarke and felt the business model was perfectly aligned to our business needs. Kev Cooper was recommended to us not only for his technical skills and relevant experience but equally importantly for his cultural fit. He brings tremendous drive and determination to understanding all aspects of the business dynamics and we, as a board, have confidence that technology issues are owned through to resolution but also benefit from his wider commercial experience in contributing to commercial growth strategy. Consequently, he has already gained the respect and trust of not only the technical team, and his direct senior leadership colleagues but throughout the business.”

As Amberjack grew, the importance of IT to their strategy increased further. Their clients began to expect more, and requirements like GDPR made tech and process requirements even more demanding.

To grow further, Amberjack’s management pursued an MBO with external investment and were successfully able to secure almost £18M from LDC.

Cynthia Bostock continued:

“By establishing and delivering a clear and market-leading IT strategy our business became recognised as a recruitment technology firm. This allowed us to secure our funding deal and contributed significantly to the valuation we achieved. Kev Cooper has been everything and more that we hoped for when making this appointment and I cannot recommend Freeman Clarke highly enough.”