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Technology Fire Triangle. Part 2: Data

This is part 2 of our series of 3 briefings about the Technology Fire Triangle. A term we coined to simplify and explain how getting IT right rests on 3 fundamental things: integration, data integrity and security & compliance. In our experience, businesses that...

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Technology Fire Triangle. Part 1: Integration

Our aim is for IT to actively contribute to our clients’ strategic success rather than being a drag and a problem. We coined the phrase the “Technology Fire Triangle” to simplify how to make this happen. Let’s be honest, many suppliers and experts deliberately try to...

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IT Roadmap for growth – A CEO’s briefing

As companies grow, their IT inevitably needs to change and develop. In reality, few companies follow a well-planned path so the result is often a complicated mixture of different “generations” of infrastructure, business systems and digital activities. The situation...

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IT’s evolving role in an evolving Legal sector

The context for IT in the legal sector is changing. Legal Aid cuts, new flexible legal service providers, referral fee bans, new ABS and the Big 4 accountancy firms form an increasing threat to the typical traditional mid-sized “partner led” legal firm. A higher level...

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Successful IT in Digital & Creative Agencies

We have a large number of Digital and Creative Agency clients and they have specific IT challenges. For these clients, our IT Directors need to both enhance their work and enable creativity, whilst boosting their profitability and reducing risk. Creative agencies...

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