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Manufacturing – Part 3: Getting data right

Getting Data Right is a Critical Commercial Issue for Manufacturing Businesses We meet many manufacturing CEOs who are frustrated that, despite spending huge sums on new systems, they are still unable to get visibility of the true cost of production, have higher than...

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Board Action Plan: IT Roadmap for Growth

To download, save or print this CEO's Action Plan, click here Companies planning growth need to have a plan for how their IT can support and drive this growth. An IT Roadmap allows them to scale-up confidently, whilst maintaining or improving their margins and...

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Getting the benefits of BYOD

Many staff use their technology routinely for work, a trend that’s called Bring your Own Device (BYOD). For example, most people use their own phones for work. Often senior management use their own ipads, and some people even bring their own laptops into work as well....

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How to make home working work

Many of our clients want to explore opportunities for home working. They have 2 main drivers: 1. reduce office costs by reducing space requirements and all the associated expenses that flow from it 2. ease recruitment by offering more attractive terms, and opening up...

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Giving back

Our Principals consistently tell us when they join that one reason they  got out of a corporate environment and have decided to make a career as a Portfolio IT Director is because they want to give back. We work mostly with fast growing companies usually with revenues...

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Hiring an Interim Chief Information Officer

Companies often contact us because they want to hire an Interim Chief Information Officer (interim CIO) and they are looking for an interim CIO agency. The term CIO is often used by larger businesses, or by business owners who have a background in larger companies. We...

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AI and its impact on business

Companies from Amazon to Aviva are investing in future technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), changing their businesses, and filing patents to protect their new ideas. They aim to radically change how they work, to redefine good service, and to massively reduce...

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GDPR Action Plan: 6 months to go

Like me you’ve probably been bombarded by emails and offers about GDPR. But the material I receive is rarely any real use. So, to help you find a way to start, here is our detailed Board action plan which is a simple, step-by-step summary of how we approach this...

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Technology Fire Triangle. Part 3: Compliance

Successful businesses are worth protecting. But it is very difficult to strike the balance between investing in the success of your business and spending time protecting it. Safeguarding your assets, managing risks and ensuring compliance is not the natural territory...

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Technology Fire Triangle. Part 2: Data

This is part 2 of our series of 3 briefings about the Technology Fire Triangle. A term we coined to simplify and explain how getting IT right rests on 3 fundamental things: integration, data integrity and security & compliance. In our experience, businesses that get...

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Technology Fire Triangle. Part 1: Integration

Our aim is for IT to actively contribute to our clients’ strategic success rather than being a drag and a problem. We coined the phrase the “Technology Fire Triangle” to simplify how to make this happen. Let’s be honest, many suppliers and experts deliberately try to...

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