AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)

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We work extensively in AEC and I note very clearly that those AEC companies using IT effectively steal a march on their competitors. And this gap is widening as new technologies are gaining traction.

There are 5 key points:

Firstly, project work is very pressured and can verge on chaotic when projects are running at full tilt. Everyone… contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers and fabricators are wasting huge amounts of time and energy making sense of paperwork … all anyone wants is to raise their invoices and get their cash but systems and processes need to make this work. Project and cost planning and tracking is at the heart of this business and if you get this right you have significant advantages.

Secondly, onsite work is harsh and cramped, many staff are temporary and people are under pressure. Issues like theft and health & safety add complexity. At the same time, there are additional demands of large files, large printers, poor connectivity and from a financing point of view, the industry is organised around capital spends whereas many IT providers want to move to opex models. You need IT leaders who understand how to make all this work.

Thirdly, new BIM standards are creating new opportunities for companies willing to adopt and adapt, but placing new pressures on people and businesses who are not ready. Just as CAD rapidly replaced paper and pen, BIM will sweep through the industry.

Fourthly, many AEC companies do not have a proper CIO or IT Director but instead have a fairly operational IT leader.

And, finally, new generations of tech like the Internet of Things, drones, augmented reality, new surveying tech and new fabrication technology will transform activities. This has only just started.

We work with lots of AEC clients in diverse areas … getting the basics right, solving systems and process problems, and getting ready to adopt the radical new tech now available.

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