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Companies from Amazon to Aviva are investing in future technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), changing their businesses, and filing patents to protect their new ideas. They aim to radically change how they work, to redefine good service, and to massively reduce their costs. This is concerning for domestic, mid-sized businesses for whom this kind of innovation can feel out of reach.

This briefing aims to sort fact from fiction and to separate what’s hype from what’s happening. It also provides some real-world examples drawn from our own clients. We look at the opportunities this opens up for ambitious businesses, the accessibility of machine learning tools / AI services from the likes of Microsoft and IBM and automation of business processes.

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AI and its impact on business

Artificial Intelligence - how will this, and how is this changing business as we know it?

This article contains practical business examples of uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) including machine learning, software robots, machine vision, automation and natural language processing. It discusses business strategy, especially for mid-market and SMEs, in particular mentioning legal and logistics, AI suppliers, and how to get started.

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